About Me

My Profession
I was employed full time as a programmer / analyst, by Pilat Media (I am now retired). The main languages I used were Oracle SQL, Magic and C#. Although you've probably heard of Oracle, it's unlikely you know Magic, which is a RAD for database applications (see Magic Software ).

Home Computing
I construct and program computers for a hobby.
The programming languages I use at home include; Pascal (Borland Delphi), C++ (Borland Builder), Java (NetBeans IDE), Python, TCL, any many more.

The weekend is when I relax with a great bunch of lads at The Millbrook Golf Club , trying my best to get my 18 handicap down.

Computer Games
Duke Nukem has got to be one of my all time greats. Fast responsive action.
Quake and Quake II have to be the ultimate 3D 'detached' first person environments.
Tomb Raider II, III and IV must be the best 3D first person environments.

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